Help us identify the areas that need internet acccess by taking the survey.

About the Survey

Your Somerset County Commissioners want to hear from you!

Somerset County has launched a comprehensive study that will help identify internet needs in each community. The results of the study will position the County to best apply for available federal funding and invest in high-speed broadband internet infrastructure where it’s needed the most.

All Somerset County residents and business owners are being asked to participate in this brief seven-minute survey and speed test designed to assess internet needs throughout the county. Survey data will help Somerset officials develop a broadband expansion plan tailored to the county’s unique needs.

The survey will remain open until September 22, 2023.

Two Ways YOU Can Help


Take the Internet Survey and Speed Test today.


Tell local friends, family, and neighbors about this historic opportunity to help shape the future of internet in Somerset County.

What is Broadband?

Broadband, or high-speed internet, allows users to access the internet at speeds significantly greater than those offered through traditional “dial-up” connections. Most importantly, broadband internet is “always on,” meaning it’s available –– and reliable –– whenever you need it. Streaming, videoconferencing, cloud services, and modern public safety are all examples of content that relies on high-speed broadband connections. High-speed broadband results in faster, more reliable services, while internet access through aging infrastructure such as copper, results in slower, less reliable internet service.


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Why High-Speed Internet is Important For Somerset County Residents

The internet is no longer a luxury. It has become a critical part of our everyday life.

Broadband needs stretch beyond home and business needs alone and into the needs of Somerset County’s public safety, transportation, energy monitoring technology and more. It’s simple – modern society requires modern high-speed internet connection.

But a traditional connection, and certainly no connection, is no longer enough to take advantage of and participate in this digital age. Broadband is needed now and into the future if Somerset citizens, present and future, are to continue to thrive.